Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Term 4 update

The Junior Syndicate have participated in many activities lately.

To start with each of the classes have played a vital part in the school play called "JACK". The Year 0 and Year 1 class delighted the audience by playing Chicken Nugget's precious eggs. The year 2 class played Giant 'Amburger's "Think Bigs". The Year 3 class played the "Fe Fi Fo Fums" and assisted "Scratch" and "Sniff" (Giant 'Amburger's left and right hands).

The Junior Syndicate have also been practising for the Athletics Sports. It was a complete success.

Last week the Juniors swam at Aquagym swimming pool from Monday to Friday.

In addition to this some of the classes will be visiting the Art Gallery to study the "White on White" exhibition.

In a nutshell, the Juniors have been doing a great many activities, including swimming at Aquagym, playing parts in the school play, visiting the Art Gallery and taking part in the athletics.